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Most courses taught are mechanics-based. Although these courses often rely on mathematics, the emphasis has always been on relating the mathematical results to the physical interpretation. Only a sound understanding of the underlying physical question can motivate the students to speak the mathematical language. This ability to speak and comprehend the mathematical language can then be developed to apply the knowledge of mechanics.


Courses taught:

Graduate Courses

Discrete Element Method, Coastal Engineering, Advanced Fluid Mechanics, Groundwater and Seepage, Sediment Transport, River and Estuarine Hydraulics, Hydrodynamic Dispersion, Continuum Mechanics, Nonlinear Mechanics

Undergraduate Courses

Statics, Dynamics, Engineering for Non-Engineers, Introduction to Fluid Mechanics, Introduction to Engineering Use of Computers, Calculus II, Elementary Differential Equation, Fourier Series and Boundary Value Problems, Chaos and Coherency (Honors Science Course)

Recent Course Materials

Fluid Mechanics


       Review summary



Discrete Element Method


       Report on DEM method

       Sample code and animation tool


Continuum Mechanics


Coastal Engineering/Wave Mechanics