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Broader Educational Activities


Outside of the research/teaching activities, the following experience has widened my view of services a normal faculty member can contribute to the young generation.


Associate Director of the Honors Program (2002-2007, 2008-2011) Overlook the thesis process, match and monitor 60 thesis students each year (juniors and seniors) with mentors, provide research training/monitoring/advising, and processing the review of theses; support academic advising and national competitions. Integrated research into curriculum from the pre-freshman to senior years.

S-STEM program Mentoring, and enrichment workshops, summer courses, and summer research opportunities for 60 under-represented students in STEM fields to accomplish: High retention, high average GPA, and high summer research participation.

NSF International Research Experience for Undergraduate Students From 2000-2013 brought a total of 150 US undergraduate students to China for a 10-wk extensive summer research program at four leading universities in
Marine Science and Engineering, and Advanced Materials. These students represent 43 different states in the US.