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The material gathered (and pointed to) here represents a random selection of writing and conference presentations I've worked on over the last half decade or so. Many of the links point to MS Word and PowerPoint files rather than native web pages given the nature of various projects.

Central Works: Landmark Essays in Technical Communication Co-edited with Stuart A. Selber, published by Oxford University Press. A collection of essays on basic and advanced topics in technical communication. More info and links to ordering pages.

Subject Lines: Fragmentation, Construction, and Computing

Draft of materials for upcoming talks at the University of Vermont and the University of Arizona. (About half the slides will show up in the first talk, and half in the second. The [750k] PowerPoint file here is the combined, "Big Picture" version.


Early manuscript version of chapters for Datacloud (forthcoming in Hampton Press Advances in Computers and Composition Series). Research and thinking about work in information-saturated spaces (online and concrete). See some even earlier incarnations in

Crateware: Open Source Courseware for Project- and Team-Based Learning

Overviews of the Crateware Project, ongoing effort with Brent Faber to create Open Source, modular software for project-based, team-oriented learning, including

Composition as Architecture

CCCC 1999 talk, "space | action | movement: Understanding Composition as Architecture." (HTML and MS Word [79k] versions)

Postmodernism and Interface Design

Series of related papers on postmodernism in interface design, including

Tech Comm as Symbolic-Analytic Work

Several papers on the problems of authority and power in technical communication, including

These eventually lead to

Intellectual Property

Work on intellectual property and composition, particularly online IP issues:

"Copyright Matters Online," a 2002 CCCC Featured Talk (105k PowerPoint talk)



Decontextualization in Technical Communication

Some slightly related work on ethics of technical communication, including

From Essays to Databases

These pieces (as well as Datacloud work) are part of rethinking writing less as static text (linear or hypertextual) and more as dynamic, contingently constructed texts like databases (and I mean "like" as a metaphor here).


After Hypertext

Some notes about what comes after hypertext, if anything, including

Nostalgic Angels

Some materials related to Nostalgic Angels: Rearticulating Hypertext Writing, including

Page at Greenwood Press for ordering

Cindy Selfe's page on the book as part of the New Directions in Computers and Composition series

Chapter 5 in online form

Designing Usable Online Texts

A 2002 Wildacres Writing Retreat Workshop on Designing Usable Online Texts

A 1997 CCCC Workshop on Website Design (this looks like it was designed in 1997) (previous archived versions of this have been deleted)


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