- Parisa presents an invited talk at InterPore 10th Annual Meeting, May 2018, New Orleans

- Parisa presents an invited talk at City University of New York-City College, Feb. 22/2018

- Check out our new paper at Scientific Reports: "Laminar drag reduction over porous media."

- There are PhD and Postdoc positions available in our group. Please contact Dr. Parisa Mirbod.

- Zhenxing has been awarded 2017 APD-DFD Travel grant. Congrats Zhenxing! 

- Parisa presents an invited talk at UNLV-Mechanical engineering department. Oct. 12/2017

- Zhenxing has successfully defended his PhD proposal. Congrats Zhenxing!

- Parisa awarded ARO grant to examine the instability of particle-laden flows.

- Parisa presents an invited talk at Placental Biophysics Workshop, Aug 29/17, Manchester, UK.

- Parisa awarded NSF grant to explore flow of particle-laden liquids over porous media.

- Eileen has joined our Lab as a new PhD student. Welcome Eileen!

- Jon successfully presented his research at 20th Symposium on Undergrad Research. July 17/17

- Parisa received I@UNITO Faculty Fellowship from University of Turin to attend her collaborator Lab.

- Alex's paper has been published in the Journal of Microvascular Research. Congrats Alex!

- Dan, Robert, and Austin have joined our Lab, Jan 2017. Welcome guys!

- Isreal has received APS-DFD Travel grant 2016 to present his work at APS. Congrtas Izzy!

- Sergio has received NSF Graduate Fellowship 2016. Congrats Sergio!

- Parisa has been awarded a "New Investigator NIH Award" from IFPA 2016.

- Parisa will lecture at "GRS-Flow & Transport in Permeable Media" in July 30th/2016, Spain.

- Isreal and Jared have joined our Lab, May 2016. Welcome Both! 

- Zhenxing has successfully passed his Qualifying exam, January 2016. Congrats Zhenxing!

Please submit abstract to the mini-symposium "MS 4.23. Flow and transport over porous media"

at the 8th InterPore conference, May 9-12, 2016, Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

Organiser: Parisa Mirbod, Co-organisers: Dr. Qianhong Wu, and Dr. Huidan Yu

Our research with the title:" From red cells to New bio-devices" will be presented to the PUBLIC. 

--- In Canton, NY: Oct. 20, 2015 at 7:15 pm. Everybody welcome to this talk!

--- In Potsdam, NY: Oct. 21, 2015 at 7:15 pm. Everybody welcome to this talk!

- Alex will present his work at 68th APS-DFD 2015 in Boston.

- The title is:" Numerical modeling of the fetal blood flow in the placental circulatory system."

Sergio will present his work at COMSOL conference 2015 in Boston. The title of his talk is" COMSOL as a Laplacian potential simulator for an electrospray propulsion  system extraction region."

Sergio Gallucci has joined our Lab as a McNair, honor undergrad student starting Summer 2015. Welcome Sergio! 

- Diwen's paper was accepted to be published in the Eur. Phys. J. E. Congrats Diwen!

- Erik's and Reza's paper were accepted to be presented at the APS-DFD 2015.

- Parisa Mirbod was awarded the 2014 NASA Glenn Faculty fellowship.

- Ye Qing research will supported by ASPIRE SEED Grant during summer 2014.

Reza's paper will be presented in the ASME 2014, 4th Joint US-European Fluids engineering division summer meeting. 

The title of talk is:" Experimental study of non-colloidal mono and poly-disperse suspension in Taylor-Couette flow."

- Congrats to Nate Werner, he was admitted to the graduate program at Penn state.

The group welcomes Ye Qing Lin an honor undergraduate student who's willing to complete her thesis by performing experiments on a flow of suspension in a circular Couette flow.

Diwen Meng presented his work as well as Brian Palmer's work at the annual APS-DFD meeting on November 22nd.