Fluid Mechanics, Complex Fluids, and Flow Through Porous Media Lab

Assistant Professor

364 CAMP Clarkson University PO Box 5725

Potsdam, NY 13699-5725

T: 315-268-7686 F: 315-268-6695

Potsdam, NY 13699-5725

E-Mail: pmirbod@clarkson.edu


Dr. Mirbod is currently an Assistant Professor in MAE department of Clarkson University. She received her PhD in February 2010 from City University of New York-Graduate Center and she was Postdoctoral Researcher at Benjamin Levich Institute-CCNY. Her honors include being selected to receive NIH Young Investigator award (IFPA 2016), NASA Glenn Faculty Fellowship (2014), Outstanding PhD student Fellowship (Fall 2009), a merit-based Outstanding Student Fellowship (Fall 2010), and  CUNY science Fellowship (Fall 2006). Her research interests lie on theoretical/computational and experimental bio-fluid mechanics, Complex fluids, Multi-phse flow and flow over porous media that are relevant to biomedical and environmental applications.


Propulsion vehicle which travels along a soft porous track: U.S. Patent SN 8,261,668, issued 9/11/2012.