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Dr. Marzocca research efforts focus on fluid-structure interactions,  aeroelastic and flow control of aerospace and structural systems, structural dynamics, structural health monitoring, dynamic system modeling, reliability and physical based modeling of complex industrial systems, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) design and operations, wind turbine technologies. List of projects:
Current Projects
Reliability Model for Gas Turbine
Design Tool for Blade Outer Air Seals (P&W)
Urban Airshed Monitoring: New Tools for Aerosol Characterization at Meso-Scale Spatial Resolution (SOE-EPA)
Optiwind Wind Turbine Design and Testing (Optiwind)
Nucleation In ForesTs: NIFTY Project (IU, NSF)
Marketing and Commercialization of Smart Wind Turbine Blade (CAP-IV-Vento Tek-MDA)
Investigations of Thin Elastic Structures under Electromagnetic and Aerodynamic Loading Conditions (NSF, Armenian Foundation)
Fluid-Structure Interaction of Flexible Suspended Bridges Exposed to Severe Environmental Conditions (NSF)
Smart Wind Turbine Blade (MDA-Vento Tek)
Advanced Wind Turbine Concept (SOE)
Development of Higher-Order Spectras for Randomly Excited Non Linear Multi-Degrees-of-Freedom Systems (NRL, ASEE)
Flow Control of Aerospace Systems
Reduced Order Modeling of Aeroservoelastic Systems
MRI: Scanning Laser Vibrometer for Smart-Structures Research (NSF)
MRI: Stereoscopic Molecular Tagging Velocimetry / Molecular Tagging Thermometry System (NSF)
Collaborative Research with Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands
Other Aeronautical and Aerospace Projects
Other Projects
Novel Wind Turbine Design
Aero-thermo-elasticity and Control of Aerospace Vehicles 
Other Research Interests
Design of Acoustic and Flow Visualization Experiments with a Remote Controlled Helicopter (ESMD-NASA Space Grant)
Non-destructive flutter predictions
Completed Projects
Open/Closed-Loop Nonlinear Aeroelasticity of Aircraft Wings (NASA LaRC)
Nonlinear Aeroelasticity of Lifting Surfaces by Functional Series Techniques: Subcritical Response and Character of the Flutter Boundary (NASA LaRC)
Aeroelastic Modeling and Behavior of Lifting Surfaces Incorporating Aerodynamic and Structural Nonlinearities: Volterra Series and Indicial Function Approach (NASA LaRC)

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