We gratefully thank the following organizations and individuals for their generous support of our research:

If you would like to support this lab, please specify the Darie Lab when you make your donation (use the “Support this lab” button). You can also let us know if you’d like your donation to go to cancer or autism research.


Supporters of our lab:


15) Thank you to the donors to our 2013-2014 Holiday Fundraiser: Kenneth Sandler, Serban Georgescu, Sarah Taylor, Denise Frank, Karen Quadrini and family, Spring Beck Richardson, Chris McDonough, Oliver Doering, Guillaume Mimoun, Padure Biomedical Consulting, Kathryn Marous, Amy Poret, Nancy Miller, Morgan Elizabeth Barry, Jennifer White Karp, Ken Woods, Anna Kennedy, Jordi Antunes, Jarrett Byrnes, Gala West, John Parsons, Rebecca Zhukov, Peggy Dougherty-Hayes, Ursula Calef, Brian Hibbs, Daniel Zweifel, Richard Stone, Kitty Stewart, Comprendia LLC, Mary Triebert Smith, Mary Stewart Joyce, Stephen DeSerio, Terry Walker, Beth Lanes Battinelli, PhD and Mikael Totterman.


14) Shire Pharmaceuticals, LLC.


13) Bob Matloff, for his generous donation to the autism research program: In Memory of Francis X Stewart.


12) SciFund Donors

Serban Georgescu, Ruben Gutierrez, Meredith Smyth, Karen Quadrini and family, Heather Ray, Philip Mahin, Sandra Ansley, Izabela Sokolowska, Xing Liu, Chai Chen, Grace Kochanik, Ethan Perlstein, Kellie Ryan-Mayerhofer, Comprendia LLC, Eric Muttee, Karen and Bob Brown, Allison, April Maki, Shari Lynn Parker, Melissa, Gideon Evans, Kathryn Marous, Vladimir Vukicevic, Elisabeth Whyte, Guillaume Horel, Mary Triebert Smith, Genevieve Madden, Bryan Zhang, Daniel, Liz Horton, Hudson Ansley, Tina Bean, Jon Goldstein, Marco Carvajal, Doug the Slug, Tamie Salter, Jennifer White Karp, Chris McDonough, John Henry Robison, Denise Frank, Sam Kass, Sar, Miriam Gordon, Tricia Chasinoff, Brent Hickein, Ken Woods, Carmen Pucillo, Gary James, Grigore Rischitor, Jim and Marcia Bonahoom, Darie Lab, Jeanne Whelan, Anne Schoudel Welch, Jackie Nowicki, Karen Hinkle, Michelle Crimi, Urmi Roy, Sarah Halliday, Nedi Safa Hervé Caci, Stephen To, Joely Habib, Christine Evans, Frederic Baud, Padure Biomedical, Marga Crowley, Nancy Miller, Ken Woods, Grace Kochanik, Shawne Workman, Ursula Calef, Sara Graef, Justin Nuttall, David Freelund, Mary Stewart Joyce, Claire Bonahoom, John Ansley, Michelle Drake-Carvajal, Charles Woods, John Parsons, Amy Poret, Tritia Denaro, Beth Schachter, Katherine Woods, Gen Woods, Kathryn Marous, Mike Coogan


Bonhomie Wine Imports  
tres belle petite medi-spa  
Wolverine Packing Co.  



11) Eastman Kodak Company. Special thanks to: Dr./Dr./Ms. Gregory Wolber, David Mclaughin, Cathy Leyer.

MALDI-TOF mass spectrometer


10) Kenneth Sandler


9) Mary Stewart Joyce


8) The Keep A Breast Foundation grant (KEABF-375-35054)). Special thanks to Ms. Amanda Nixon


7) Dr. Belinda Willard
Mass Spectrometry Laboratory for Protein Sequencing

Cleveland Clinic Lerner Research Institute

MALDI-TOF mass spectrometer

6) The Redcay Foundation $$$
Special thanks to Dr. Jeanne Ryan, SUNY Plattsburgh


5) The US Army Research Office
Defense University Research Instrumentation Program
(DURIP grant #W911NF-11-1-0304)


4) Thomas A. Neubert, Ph.D.
Protein Core Facility

Skirball Institute of Biomolecular Medicine
New York University School of Medicine

MALDI-TOF mass spectrometer

3) Waters Corporation
Mr./Ms./Dr. Michael Balloch, Catalin Doneanu, Tim Mascal, Todd Boyer, David Chamberlin, Scott Nichols, Cathy Bolland, Joanne Boland, Janet Gallager, Laura Mulderig, Nathan Vanderlan, Sean McCarthy & Charles Pragnell from Waters Corporation, US offices (http://www.waters.com) and Keith Compson & Cristian Cojocariu from Waters Corporation, UK offices (http://www.waters.com). Special thanks to Ms. Laura Mulderig.

2) Drs. Paul M. Wassarman & Eveline S. Litscher
Mount Sinai School of Medicine


1) Clarkson University start-up grant