Welcome to The Adirondacks and You, a place to learn about the Adirondack Park and see how you are connected to it!

Use the map on the left page of this book to compare the Adirondack Park to your local area. By using your computer's location, an overlay of the Park will be centered on your nearest zip code. Compare the extents of the Adirondack Park with areas you recall in your region. Can you now imagine how large and significant the Adirondacks are?

The Adirondacks and You is also a book comprised of many interesting facts that are a great way to be introduced to the Adirondack Park and its history. Click the right page and drag it to the left to begin searching through the many facts and photos! (An entire list of facts can also be found by clicking the link at the top of the page.)

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The Adirondacks and You

Where Do You Fit In?

Created by:
The Clarkson University Honors Program