Joshua Thomas  
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I am currently an assistant professor at Clarkson University where I teach introductory calculus-based physics, introductory astronomy, and introductory astrophysics. I am also the director of Clarkson's Reynolds Observatory.

I defended my Ph.D. Degree at the University of Toledo on May 29, 2012. For my Ph.D. I studied the post-AGB star at the heart of the Red Rectangle nebula. The next phase of my research on the Red Rectangle involves a radiative transfer model of the Red Rectangle nebula. My most active research at the moment has been setting up an LHIRES III spectrograph and photometric setup at Clarkson's Reynolds Observatory. Current projects involve a 1-day binary star, LS4948, and a Wolf-Rayet star WR 140. I have also conducted research in observational spectroscopy, laboratory astrophysics and atomic physics.

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