2005 UNISYS TuxMasters Invitational

Registration (2/14/05)

Form a team of 1-5 people and choose a project from the project list. Warning: Long document! See Jeanna for help choosing a project.

Final submission (5/15/05)

Final submission includes team-authored source code and a short essay (1500 words) by May 15, 2005. Judging will be based on 1/4 programming completeness, 1/4 documentation quality, 1/4 usability and 1/4 creativity. Source code must be released under the GPL.

Participants Project Registration Final
First Place Winners!
Todd Deshane, Patty Jablonski
WL-10 Data Management Registration Paragraph Essay
Submission tar file
BDAP Explorer
Additional documentation
Rouslan Solomakhin, Rob Tirrell M.SWPM-3 Registration Paragraph
Leslie Cherian, (Sailaja Yagnavajhala ?) ST.IP - Internet Protocol (IP) Registration Paragraph
Aaron Hughes, Kevin Roberts, Jason Herne ID:M.SWPM Software Package Management Registration Paragraph
Second Place Winners!
Mike McCabe, Justin Basinger, Ed Despard, Jeremy Bongio
M.RemoteSWInst Registration Paragraph Essay
Xenophilia Homepage