Second Annual UNISYS TuxMasters Invitational 2006


Deadline extended to 10/31/05. Form a team of 1-5 people and choose a project from the project list. Warning: Long document! See Jeanna for help choosing a project. Submit a one-paragraph essay explaining which project your team selected and why.

Final submission (January 31, 2006)

Final submission includes team-authored source code and a short essay (1500 words) describing (a) what you accomplished; (b) how far you came to finishing it and what further work, if any, is necessary; (c) the technical and personal lessons learned during the course of the project; (d) any external tools used and why; and (e) the benefits that your team's work will bring to Enterprise Class Linux, once complete.

Essays may earn a maximum of 200 points based on (a) content based upon the requirements described above and (b) creativity. Code may earn a maximum of 400 points, with a maximum of 100 points awarded for each of (w) programming completeness; (x) documentation quality; (y) usability; and (z) creativity.

Participants Project Registration Final
Zach Colgan, Lisa Bostrom, Wenjin Hu, Dustin Jones M-8 Network Management Registration Paragraph Final Submission Paragraph
Rouslan Solomakhin M.SWPM Registration Paragraph
Gary Hamilton M-12/M-8 Registration Paragraph
Mike McCabe Registration Paragraph