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389 Science Center
Department of Computer Science
Division of Mathematics and Computer Science
Clarkson University
8 Clarkson Avenue, MS 5815
Potsdam, NY 13699
(315) 268-6288
FAX: (315) 268-2371


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Clarkson Applied Computing Laboratories

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Clarkson University's Applied Computer Science Labs

Clarkson Open Source Institute


Running Xen Computer Networking Internet Protocols In Action
Running Xen: A Hands-On Guide to the Art of Virtualization

Computer Networking Internet Protocols In Action
CNIPIA: Amazon Reviews
CNIPIA: Barnes and Nobles Reviews
CNIPIA: Review on TaoSecurity

High Performance Mass Storage and Parallel I/O: Technologies and Applications

Photography, Dance, Poetry


You and I in Spanish , Chiricù: The Politics of Language

2015 Members' Juried Art Exhibit at Frederic Remington Art Museum , Intimacy, Brasov

2014 NYS Juried Art Exhibit at Frederic Remington Art Museum, Stand-off at the Frontline

Async Arts: Video , More information

SLCArts Council's Arts 4 Art's Sake April 30 2020

SLCArts Council's Arts 4 Art's Sake April 13 2020

Salsa!: Interview on NCPR (10/31/2013)

Professional Service

ACM logo ACM logo
IEEE-USA AI Policy Committee

ACM Technology Policy Council (ACM TPC)
ACM US Technology Policy Committee (ACM US-TPC)
ACM Council (2016 to 2022)

ACM's Special Interest Group on Operating Systems (SIGOPS), Chair (2011 to 2015)

Virtual Conferences , ACM Presidential Task Force, Co-Chair.


Computer and Network Security
Fairness, Accountability and Transparency in AI and Automated Systems
Operating Systems
Computing, Ethics, and Society
Computer Networking
Advanced Topics In Computer Security
Advanced Topics In Operating Systems
Advanced Topics In Computer Networking
Wireless Networking
Introduction to Computer Science
Software Design and Development
Project Challenge
Multidisciplinary Projects: Clarkson Open Source Institute
Multidisciplinary Projects: Clarkson Internet Teaching Laboratory
Operating Systems (Cornell)
Computer Networking (Cornell)

Study Abroad and other special teaching

2017 Adirondack Semester: Big Data and the Adirondacks, Spring 2017

2017 Dominican Republic: UNIV 349, Global Service Learning

2015 Dominican Republic: UNIV 349, Global Service Learning

2014 St. Lawrence Seaway: Power, Politics and the Mighty St. Lawrence

2014 Brazil: UNIV 399, Global Business

2013 Mexico: Origins of Mathematics

Award Winners

Unisys Tuxmaster Winners
Clarkson Winners In IBM Developer Works
Jeanna's Story:Hands-on experience and historical perspective on research are key to teaching Linux

VMware Ultimate Virtual Appliance Challenge 2006 Collegiate Category (PDF, orig URL )

Unisys Tuxmaster 2005 ( orig URL)
First Place Winners
First and Second Place Teams
All Clarkson Entries
Newsforge article, 9/13/2005.
Information Week article, 10/19/2005.

2005 IBM North America Grid Scholars Challenge

IBM Linux Challenge 2004

IBM Linux Challenge 2002

IBM Linux Challenge 2001
Kernel Trap:Clarkson University, Linux Kernel Developer Hotbed? .


Old Experiments in Radio: Common Sense Computing
Public Radio Exchange

jnm at clarkson dot edu