August 28, 2006

Jim Rockford's Answering Machine

I learned everything I know about firearms and driving from The Rockford Files. The Rockford Files Homepage has a transcription of the messages left on Jim Rockford's answer machine (a plot device used to open every episode of the show for its six-season run). Here's episode 311 ("The Trouble with Warren"):

Jimmy, it's Phil in Puerto Rico. This is real important. Talked to Mr.[line noise], he'll pay $20,000. Call him at [line noise].

And both from the two-part "Gearjammers" (203-204):

Jimmy, it's Angel. Don't pay no attention to my other message. You're out of it. You're clean, no trouble at all. Just ignore the first message.

Okay, pal, it's Harry. I just checked my car. You kept the battery charged all right, you also put 3500 miles on it.

If you hit the main page at the site, you can hear the greeting half [warning: autoplay audio] on Rockford's answering machine. There's also a huge amount of additional info and discussion about the show. (I thought this was a pretty niche topic, but a google search of "'rockford files' 'answering machine' returned 16,400 hits.)


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