November 01, 2005

Post-It Notes, Meetings, and Spaces

Mark Bernstein points to David Straker's book, Rapid Problem Solving with Post-It Notes [amazon link preserving Bernstein's referrer bounty), then he redirects the issue to using Tinderbox and a projection system in meetings, which has the benefit of preserving sessions as online texts (someone told me Richard Powers does a similar thing at meetings very effectively, although not with Tinderbox).

I haven't used Tinderbox this way since I try to avoid meetings, but it sounds useful since I frequently do use Tinderbox as if it were a big box of Post Its and a whiteboard. It's always a tradeoff, though, because I like having my notes on the computer (and being able to do things with them in Tinderbox to boot), but I usually run out of screen real estate at some point. (A smart person would occasionally try to reorganize things and cull out some of the duller ideas.)

[via Mark Bernstein]

Posted by johndanseven at November 1, 2005 04:11 PM