June 25, 2005

Jamming The News

NYT has an article [free reg req'd; use sentos/shotokan from bugmenot if you want] on Situationist-inspired, media activist group The Newsbreakers.

The Newsbreakers' repertory of characters includes Cheese Ninja, who cavorts in the background of live news broadcasts, derisively tossing slices of processed cheese, and Jiminy Diz, a supposed newspaper reporter, wearing a loud jacket and a hat with a "Press" card in the band, who is angry with local television news for lifting reports from the morning paper.

During the busts, one Newsbreaker watches and records the newscast, telling the Newsbreaker provocateur through a hands-free cellphone earpiece when he is in the camera frame and when to make himself scarce for a while if the report switches over to a taped segment. The group sends its own cameraman to record a Newsbreakers'-eye view of the bust, tape that is then mixed into the actual newscast tape, along with music and graphics. The results are then posted online at newsbreakers.org.


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