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Automated Deduction: This also sometimes goes by the name of Automated Reasoning or Automated Theoroem Proving. What it means is the study of programs that prove theorems. The reason it is sometimes called automated reasoning is because the computer is using a form of reasoning, guided by the logical inference rules. Systems that I work on are used to prove mathematical theorems, but that is ony one use for them. One main interest in the field to use these systems to verify that some specification is met, particularly a hardware or software specification. This could be very useful to prevent bugs, like what happened with the Pentium chip. My main contribution to this field is to make modification to currently exisiting algorithms so they will be more efficient, and also to develop new algorithms based on new techniques. In face, I am intersted in the development of efficient algorithms in general.
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CS447/547/EE667/MA447 Computer Algorithms [ Syllabus ]

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